Archaeological findings in the region of Maroylas, testify that the island was inhabited during the period of Mesolithic season (9.000 - 8.000 B.C.). Archaeologists’ unearthed circular dwellings and graves, while finds included a human skeleton and a number of stone tools made from firestone, quartz, and obsidian.
The site is the only open-air Mesolithic settlement known in Greece.

The castle of Oria is located in the northern area, between Sklavo and Yialoudi hills just before reaching of Cape Kefalos. You can visit the ruins from the old residences that are saved up to today.  

The Wind-power and Solar-energy Park is located near to the heliport outside of Chora. Wind-powered generators and solar heat collectors at the park are used to power the island.

In the church of Ai Georgis at Dryopida you can visit the small Byzantine Museum. It is open daily from 10:00 am - 14:00 pm and from the 19:00 pm - 21:00 pm.

Kithnos spa was built at Loutra in 1857. It’s open daily from June through October and has two medicinal springs where visitors can take treatment. The baths of King Othon (Otto) and Queen Amalia, the first monarchs of the Modern Greek State, are exhibited here.

One of the biggest caves in Greece, Katafyki cave is located in the region of Dryopida. In the interior of the cave cavern you can see stalactites and stalagmites.

The folklore Museum is located in Dryopida. The museum features a small but interesting collection of antique tools and other implements that offer a flavour of day to day life in earlier centuries alongside a collection of traditional costumes.

In the island of Kithnos you can visit a lot of churches and monasteries with historical interest and unique architecture.

The church of Ai Minas in Dryopida will impress you with its exquisite wood-carved iconostasis and epitaphios (funerary bier used in Holy Week services) and a bishop’s throne that offers a fine example of folk art.

The church of Ayios Savvas is located in Chora. A carving over the threshold establishes the year of its founding as 1613.

The monastery of Panayia Kanala (Our Lady of Kanala), the island’s protector saint is built in a splendid location on a rock near the settlement of Kanala.

The monastery of Panayia Nikous with a distance of 800 metres from Chora took its name from the Byzantine-era Panayia tis Nikopoiou, that is, Our Lady Who Brings Victory (nike).

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